Minimize the Steps

by admin on March 26, 2012

A certain family member of mine admits to watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. Out of admiration or horror, the motive is not clear. I’m sure the show gained its popularity due to the personalities, get-ups and family dynamics. However, when I finally checked out an episode I saw a skilled tracker below the crazy shenanigans.

In the few episodes I’ve seen, Dog constantly tries to maximize each lead while the rest of the crew gets frustrated that the person isn’t immediately available. He realizes there may be several steps leading to finding the person. Instead of complaining, he accepts it and focuses on minimizing the number of steps.

So how does he minimize the steps?

  1. He asks other questions besides “Are they here?”
  2. He asks the last time they’ve seen or heard from them.
  3. He asks the best way to get in touch with them.
  4. He empathizes with the person he’s speaking to.
  5. He uses terms of endearment for the person he’s speaking with (I don’t recommend this method for follow up research but it does demonstrate the power of human connection)
  6. He reiterates the benefit to the person of interest and the person he’s speaking with (collateral contact). Usually, it’s the wake up call for the fugitive to change their life (by going to jail).
  7. He reiterates that he won’t stop until he finds them.
  8. He leaves a contact number.

Bounty hunting is not the same as finding a research participant. However, there are some nuggets in the way Dog tracks a person, braw.



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