Pinball Wizard

by admin on August 30, 2012

Last year I offered some thoughts about the importance of  collateral contacts. To demonstrate how they interact with a mobile participant, I’d like you to imagine a pinball machine like the one above. When the pinball is thrust onto the field, it bounces off numerous stationary objects scattered throughout the field. The pinball is the participant and the stationary objects are the collateral contacts. Like a game of pinball, participants may interact with collateral contacts quickly, and sometimes, frequently.

Many projects struggle with the fact that they can’t just go to one place and get the participant.  If you are dealing with a mobile participant, you need to change your strategy. Focus on the collateral contacts instead of the participant. Leave your message with all the stationary objects on the field. Not only will the participant get your message, you might actually shake the bushes to the point where the participant is compelled to contact you immediately.

Bottom line: Sometimes it’s better to place messages along their path instead of trying to chase them down.

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