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by admin on January 8, 2014

In order to find a mobile population, a system needs to be implemented.  Or better yet, a high performance engine. When looking under the hood of a vehicle, you see the variety of parts needed to do one thing…move. There are many crucial elements that can affect the success of your follow-up effort. If one of those pieces isn’t functioning (or present), you won’t move well, or move at all.

I want to talk more about one of the crucial elements that may not be obvious – Buy In.  This applies to anybody in your organization, from the top down.  If everybody understands what needs to be done  and believes that it can be done (because it can!), you don’t have to worry about that part of the engine.

Throughout my work, I consistently address the idea of buy in. I’m tasked to make believers out of people who only see the mountain in front of them as opposed to all the paths to the top (which is an amazing view, by the way). One of the most satisfying experiences in my work is for projects to find all of these people when they initially thought the project was impossible. Very cool!

Ironically, the first person I had to push for buy in was me. When I started at the University of Colorado, my faith in the project was about as blind as it gets. I had no proof that we could find so many “hidden” people with only scant and outdated locating information. I just kept thinking that if they’re out there, they can be found. It’s what carried me through my first “engine-building” process, and ultimately, the success of the project.

So folks, start your engines!


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