The Big Easy

by admin on February 11, 2015

New Orleans. One of the best cities on the planet. I’m gushing because I just got back. First, go there. Second, I had a nostalgic moment I need to write about.

Technology is now an intregal part of travel. We can’t go anywhere without staring at our phones wondering where to walk, eat, drink, or discover. I admit I’m right there with you. On my last day there I had no time to make any plans so I actually put my phone in my pocket (gasp!) and decided to walk around the neighborhood. In a span of 15 minutes, I found a great museum, an all you can eat Cajun lunch joint, the best record store in the city, and a coffee shop with the best patio. All of these places were a five minute walk from me….and I didn’t know it because they were buried in a long list of “great places to visit in New Orleans.”

And now I had to catch a plane.

Technology is great. Searching for your participants is a lot harder if it isn’t around. But sometimes (and especially when you start a search), you need to turn off your device and look ¬†at the physical world around you. Getting the lay of the land and talking to a few locals will give you information that’s not on the internet.

It’s also good to smell the roses.

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