Nothin’ But a Hound Dog

by admin on August 31, 2015


I recently watched “Cool Hand Luke” for the umpteenth time and the hound dogs got me thinking (see video). They got me laughing too (c’mon…those howls are hilarious). I can’t believe the tenacity of these things. Tearing¬†through barbwire and busting through fences because the scent is driving them crazy. It’s like they’ll die if they don’t catch the scent. I’m not willing to call myself a hound dog but I can relate to the thrill of the search.

Your trackers need to be driven by the search. There’s a personality type that is always driven by what they’re going after (ie. Al Pacino’s character in “Heat”). If they see it only as a job, they won’t succeed. The “hardest-to-find”¬†are just that. You need all [hands-feet-brain cells] on deck.

Do it for Elvis!

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