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As described in a past blog post, attrition occurs for a variety of reasons. Prodigy Research is experienced in addressing all of these issues (along with more unique situations).  Here’s how:

1. Advise the Planning – Over the years I learned the groundwork for successful longitudinal projects, and I observed the unsuccessful groundwork. We advise the planning process to implement follow-up procedures, ensuring the right pieces are in place for success down the road.  This is done in person or via video conferencing/email/phone.

2. Conduct Trainings – I’ve performed numerous trainings and presentations at both project and national levels. My training addresses the tracking process holistically (technical and human aspects), which is needed in order to obtain the highest follow-up rate. Trainings can vary between four hours to three days or more.  Topics include:

  • Innovative and efficient strategies
  • Essential social skills
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Internet research
  • Interactive exercises
  • Managing the tracking effort
  • In the field training
    This is done in person or via video conferencing (preferably in person). 

3. Generate New Leads – Prodigy Research is approved to use online databases that aren’t available to the public. I approach lead generation holistically by cross-referencing locating data between a variety of sources, including both public and non-public sources.  This is done remotely.

4. Provide Ongoing Advice or Support – Throughout the years, I facilitated numerous meetings and conversations to gather input on dead end cases, and provide advice and support in their continued efforts. This is done in person or via video conferencing/email/phone.

5. Find the “White Whales” – I cut my teeth tracking down the hardest to find. Specifically, injection drug users, with scant locating information, from a study ten years prior. Not only were we successful (found over 82%), I also realized they were the most enjoyable cases to work on, at least for me.  Over the years I observed the patterns and behaviors of the “unfindable,” and I feel my direct tracking skills are best served with this portion of the population. This is done remotely and/or in person, depending on the case(s).


So you may be wondering how these activities would be applied to your project. We know projects may vary in scope and structure. We’re presenting three types of organizational situations where longitudinal work is required. Click on the appropriate link to read about the possibilities and a “typical day.”

Your project(s) can have a great follow-up rate. We’re committed to giving you the means to do so. Contact us if you’re interested or have any questions. If you’re still wondering how we can help your organization, let’s talk. We’d love to hear about your project.





Ben Van Hunnik
Prodigy Research

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