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Ben has been working with us to set up systems and plan to track 247 youth as they age out of foster care from the ages 17 to 21. His contributions to our project have been invaluable. He regularly raised issues that we would have overlooked. He worked with us to ensure that we considered the perceptions youth may have about the study and guided us as we developed outreach materials including a website. His suggestions and ideas are practical and relevant. He clearly understands human behavior, and how to ensure that people are motivated and inspired to participate in research while making it very easy to do so. Additionally, he assisted us to develop systems that ensured that youth were reminded of the study regularly in fun ways such as annual birthday cards.

He presented an extensive training to our staff that gave us concrete exercises to prepare us for this challenging task. His presentation was exceptionally well thought out and thorough, relatable and enjoyable.

As a result of Ben’s assistance we saw real results with our target audience – foster kids (and their case managers, who acted as intermediaries). We ended up enacting a much broader social media strategy as a result with considerable success. Ben is easy to work with, friendly and affirming. We highly recommend utilizing his services.

Leah Goldstein Moses, President/CEO and Danielle Dryke, Senior Research Analyst


University of Colorado School of Medicine

Simply put, Ben is superb at locating people.  Ben and I worked together for 7 years and in that time, he was solely responsible for our research follow-up rates remaining at 90% or higher at all times. He is a master at using multiple methods for finding clients, particularly the most hard-to-reach clients who don’t want to be found. Whether they are transient, living on the streets, have moved away, or have changed their name, Ben will find them with his unique tracking experience.  He is also a master at training – he has trained many of my staff over the years and we continue to have follow up rates of  90% or higher in all of our NIH-funded studies.  If you need to find someone, I am sure that Prodigy Research is your best resource.

Karen F. Corsi, ScD, MPH, Associate Professor of Psychiatry

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